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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Yellowest Elephant

Awhile back, my inner Frenchman created a treasonous video taking Our Leader to task for not sending his children, nephews, and nieces to risk their lives against the Forces of Swarthiness. Although his filthy little movie angered me, I didn't respond to it at the time, because I couldn't think of a single thing any of them had done to stop the islamunistofascists from taking over this country and beheading us all. None had joined the military. None had taken up a keyboard to blog our enemies into submission. And none had even taken a few moments to patriotically soil their pants in fear at the prospect of being ruled by an American Caliphate.

But today, after hearing the First Bushling, Jenna, on NPR's Day to Day, I realized I had been very wrong. Jenna, at least, has served her nation very valiantly during this war. Here's how she responded [click on audio] to Day to Day host Madeleine Brand's question about her failure to volunteer for Iraq:

I hope I served the United States by living in Latin America and I hope I was a good representative of the US.

Hearing that, I was struck by how similar her service is to that of her father's. Just as Our Leader fought vietcongunistofascism by drunkenly hunting for Ho Chi Minh in honky tonks across Texas and Alabama, our brave little Jenna stumbles naked down Argentine hotel hallways in pursuit of our potential enemies. She is certainly her father's daughter.

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