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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Republican Latex Fetishists Issue Presidential Challenge

Who'll be first, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, or Mike Huckabee?

From the Second Life Herald:

Republican Latex Fetishists of Second Life today challenged the GOP Presidential Candidates to auto asphyxiate for God and Country. Encouraged by the example of former Jerry Falwell colleague and Liberty University Graduate Reverend Gary Aldridge to become a more visible wing of the Republican party - the RLFSL decided unanimously to put their support "firmly” behind the candidate who deserves the group's backing.

Spokesperson Yung Kakapo said, "As we honor the memory of Pastor Aldrige who was Pro-Life, supported the War in Iraq and promoted the principals of Intelligent Design and trickle down economics while enjoying the erotic pleasures that can only be achieved with tightly fitting latex garments - we feel we must honor our hero - an unfortunate victim of accidental mechanical asphyxia."

Kakapo says, "We challenge the candidates to come up with their own Second Life avatar and come asphyxiate with us."

Kakapo continues, "We're tolerant people, we're not asking for RL asphyxiation necessarily - but we need some sort of sign of their alignment with RLFSL values."

A tip of the ole virtual helmet to Dire Lobo of InWorld Studios, which produces Speaking Virtually with Jimbo Hoyer, a live liberal oriented interview show held every Thursday at 6 PM SLT (Pacific time). This week it looks like Chris Mooney, the author of The Republican War on Science, will be joining Jimbo. Should be good.

And as long as I'm plugging Second Life events, here's this weeks schedule of events being held by a group I formed called "Thinking Liberally" and by other like-moinded folks. All of the groups events are also tagged with the words "Thinking Liberally" on the official Second Life Event calender, so if you're looking for something to do inworld, search for those words in the event tab.

Thinking Liberally Events

All times are SLT/PST.
Click on venue name for location slurl.


6 PM
70's: Worst Decade Ever Dance
The avocado stoves were bad enough, but the music! Who can forget cheezy Charlene or The Village People...KISS or The Partridge Family? Not to mention the whiney power ballads of Little Little River Band and James Taylor? Dick Cheney could have gone to war right then and there, but nooooo...we get to suffer for decades into the future from his dereliction of duty, and DJ Rocky will be spinning the evidence.
Leisure suits and polyester optional.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse (This place is a lot of fun.)


6 PM
Dance to Techno
i7o Zhu spins minimal techno and more for a 90 minute live mix.
Conscious Lounge


6 PM
Speaking Virtually with Jimbo Hoyer
Guest: Chris Mooney, the author of The Republican War on Science.
InWorld Amphitheatre


Dancing Liberally
Dancing and political discussion with liberal doses of snark at my place.
This week's theme: Dysfunctional Family Dinner Night. Dick! Cheney will be behind the bar and being the drunk uncle who hugs and kisses all the women a little too long and shoots the television when his team falls behind. DJ Rocky the Yak Farmer will be spinning the bytes. Dress up in something Thanksgiving related--or not.
Cafe Wellstone


8 AM
left-friendly political discussion, details TBD.
Conscious Lounge

10 AM
solidad Sugarbeet spins old school and conscious hip hop, among other things.
Conscious Lounge

11 AM
Andromeda Xi will be spinning goth/darkwave/industrial/techno and whatever strikes her fancy.
Conscious Lounge

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