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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Texas Minuteman leader arrested

I don't know anything more than what's in the email below, but after after a little googling of the words "Texas Gunman," I suspect he's been exercising his second amendment right to go on shooting rampages for years.

From: ""
Subject: Important notice from

Many of you are/have been wondering what has been going on these last few days and the rumors are flying wild about all of it, I'm sure. OK, here it is in a nutshell..

Last Thursday, the owner of this site, Texas Gunman, had his home raided and was arrested on an 18 year old, out of state, warrant and put in jail in South Texas on that warrant and other charges. The reasons for his arrest and the charges against him specifically are not important right now, but suffice to say that initially the Admins believed the charges were serious enough that the Admins of this site appointed someone else to head this site as Board Commander and another person was appointed as Treasurer to handle donations to the site in order to keep it up and running. Yes, the Admins were trying to keep THIS SITE up and running at that point.

Earlier this week, after some research was done by a site member/Moderator on this entire arrest incident, additional information came to light that greatly concerned the Admins. This new information regarding the charges against TG indicated strongly to the Admins that it would be best for all of the membership if we just shut down this site and started a new site, with a new name and just transfer, or let all present members transfer over to the new site.. In other words, a clean start, rather than trying to keep this site, with this name, and TG's past relationship to it, open and operating.

Last night (Monday) a meeting was held of the Admins in live Chat and this new arrest/charges information against TG was presented to them. The Admins voted 7 to 1 to shut down T-MORG and start a new site, under a new name, rather than continue with the name T-MORG and this site, for the reasons previously stated concerning TG and his arrest charges.

T-MORG WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN until the new site is up and operational, so the membership can just transfer over to that new site and the change will be quick and painless, without the loss of any, or very little, fellowship time for anyone. Think of it as us, as a family, moving to a newer home, leaving behind the stinky old dog pee stained rug in the old house. That's about what it is too!

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell and we, the Admins, will keep you all posted as to what's happening and when. We want ALL OF YOU to make the move to the new site and keep our family whole in this time of turmoil. Now is NOT the time to splinter off and scatter, but rather to stand strong by standing together as the family we have been and the family we definitely are now. We will need your continued spiritual and financial support if we all are to be successful in this move to the new site.

We will make this whole move as painless as possible for everyone. For your further information,T-Bone has been elected by the Admins to be the new Board Commander and he will be heading up the move and all it entails. MrsVet was elected by the Admins as Treasurer to handle the member donations and financial aspects of obtaining and maintaining this new site.
( BTW, If anyone gets a postcard from MrsVet from a far away tropical island, please advise the Admins IMMEDIATELY!!!)

All other Admin and Mod positions will remain the same for now, with the exception of one resignation of an Admin received today. We all wish him well.

Further bulletins and information will follow as it comes, in the very near future

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