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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another soul murdered

An excerpt:

It murders the soul. It prepares us for the unthinkable - dead children and slaughtered neighbors - and teaches us that the only truly safe course in life is to mind your own business and not mind the blood, nor to mind when American women employed in Iraq are being gang raped by their male co-workers. We as a nation cry out in horror when a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia is flogged for having made the mistake of being raped, yet say nothing when an American woman is imprisoned in a shipping container by her American employer for making the same error. For there is one thing as soul killing as dead children and people dismembered by explosives - it is when our government turns over the evidence of a horrific rape to the corporate rapists so they can destroy it. It is when evidence of torture is destroyed to protect the torturers. It is when the price of a barrel of oil outweighs the price of human life and human dignity.

There is the lesson of modern life - don't complain. Take your rogering in silence and be thankful they aren't standing your children up against a wall.

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