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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Wit And Wisdom of Dr. Dino

Kent Hovind's greatest hits:

Low cholesterol and its link to infertility. Keep in mind the big picture. Satan hates God. And Satan and God have been at war for 6,000 years. God's plan is fill the world with kids. [...] Satan, of course, wants the opposite. He wants to reduce the world's population to zero as soon as possible. And so Satan is going to work towards reduction of the population and lowering cholesterol is good way of doing that.
Truth Radio 19 April 2006 @ 35:30 (Tape 2)

One theory is that the pre-Flood Earth had a canopy of ice above it that squeezed the atmosphere down to, say, 15 miles [...] If you squeezed the air down to 15 miles - instead of 100 - it would be more clear because there would be less distortion - atmospheric twinkle it's called. And probably this canopy of ice would act as a photo-amplifier where you would actually see things much more clearly. That's one theory that [in] the pre-Flood world you don't need a telescope - you could see incredibly well.
Truth Radio 2 October 2006 @ 19:45 (Tape 2)

In spite of their ferocious look, many people would probably argue the T-Rex was a vegetarian. The ferocious teeth would have been great for, you know, crushing stuffed pumpkins or something, you know. I don't know if it has ever been proven they were meat eaters. There is plenty of evidence from cracks in the enamel with chlorophyll stains in them indicating they were certainly eating plants.
Truth Radio 28 September 2006 @ 10:00 (Tape 1)

I happen to believe - I don't know if I could prove this - I happen to believe that during the original creation with the canopy of water overhead, increased air pressure and filtered sunlight, fermentation was not possible. I don't think Noah knew what he was doing when he got drunk. It was an accident. He was used to making the grape juice [...] so I'm going to give Noah the benefit of the doubt and assume his getting drunk was purely accidental ignorance.
Truth Radio 1 August 2006 (Tape 1)

It is possible - and I think Walt Brown may have it right on this one - that Saturn's rings are from the Earth - believe it or not, I know it sounds crazy - let me explain. He says when the fountains of the deep broke open - Genesis Chapter 7 - the pressure of 10 or 15 miles of rock [...] the pressure 10 or 15 miles down is phenomenal [...] So if there was water in the crust of the Earth like the Bible says there was [...] then this water would come shooting up to the surface when the "fountains of the deep" broke open and the Earth busted up like an eggshell. That water shooting up would have enough pressure - according to Walt Brown - to eject things into space. They would drift around for awhile - who knows for a couple of hundred years - and run into something like Saturn and make the rings.
Truth Radio 6 June 2006 @ 26:30 (Tape 2)

There was one reported incident of a man swallowed by a whale and live two days and survived in 1890. And he travelled around the rest of his life speaking on the topic. Sections of his skin was bleached in some areas from the whale's acid.
Truth Radio 17 April 2006 @ 25:10 (Tape 2)

Most anybody [sic] that studies T-Rex will tell you - even though he had ferocious head, ferocious teeth and was, you know, huge - his front arms are pretty tiny. And if you could ever get hold of one [of the arms] you probably could jerk it right off.
Source: Creation Science 102, Creation Science Evangelism circa 2004

In 1271 A.D. Marco Polo came back from China and reported that the Emperor of China was raising dragons to pull his chariots in parades. Now why on earth would Marco Polo say something like that just 700 years ago? Well, I think he probably said that because the Emperor of China was raising dragons to pull his chariots in parades.

If evolution is true, you could not know that it's true because your brain is nothing but chemicals. Think about that.
Source: Seminar Transcript circa 1999

Obviously, several different colors of people exist on the earth that have distinctive characteristics, but they are the same race. [.....] One theory says that Adam and Eve were medium-brown, possibly because they were made from the earth.
Source: [2002]

A Helmet tip to thingwarbler.

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