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Friday, February 01, 2008

Eco-village expands and we're Dancing Liberally

The General's (and friends') SL events for the weekend
All times SLT/PST


Dancing Liberally --Rock Star Candidates
Two rock stars battle for the Democratic nomination. Obama's Jagger-like charisma and Dylanesque oratory has his supporters dancing in their seats, and Clinton, like Joan Jet in a pantsuit, commands her audiences by furiously striking the chords that move their souls.

Tonight we celebrate our candidates at a rock star inspired Dancing Liberally. Put on your best rock and roll gear to compete for Lindens while we dance and dis each other's candidates.

OK. I admit it. The rock star candidate thing is a stretch, but I wanted an excuse to wear assless leather pants.
Witchy's on the Bay


Etopia Prime Opens
Everyone's Invited!!! Come one Come All to the Grand Opening of Etopia's 2nd sim Etopia Prime! The festivities begin at 1:00PM SLT and continue till 7:00PM. We will have music, dancing, balloon rides, bike rides, volleyball, sky diving, presentations, food, drink, and a beautiful new environmental sim to explore. Etopia Prime is the home of the Etopia Solar Village and a spectacular underground train station surrounded by shops and offices. We have just released another 9 beach front apartments for rent so stop by and get your own solar powered home!
Etopia Prime

7 pm
Live music at the Yak
PR Lovencraft.....Phil Rossi in RL
The Lonely Yak

8 pm
Dancing at the Yak
DJ Rocky assumes the helm and we're all praying he doesn't remind us he once sang "Man I Feel Like a Woman". Hell, Condi can't even sing that one with a straight face.
It's Rocky's Rezday Party and He'll Play what he wants to (ok and your requests too!)
Join us as Rocky celebrates his SL rezday!
The Lonely Yak


6 pm
Discussion: Evolutionary Psychology and Illusions of Stress in Modern Life
Thothica Discussion Series on "Illusions in modern life; the application of evolutionary psychology to the everyday experience of living."
At Thothica III at Clemson University Dev

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