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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Department of Book Reports 53: Sins of the Assassin

Sins of the Assassin (Scribner's, $24.95) Robert Ferrigno's second book in the Assassin series, delivers another fast paced and gripping adventure. It's also a very thoughtful examination of Islam and the religious right and how those extremes would shape a society.

This time Rakkim Epps is sent into the Bible Belt, with the young Leo, whose technologically enhanced brain will be needed to find and destroy the secret weapon hidden deep in Tennessee coal mine. The journey through the South takes the reader through a theme park based on the Waco mythologies and snake handling churches. Robert grew up in Florida and in the acknowledgments, thanks his first creative writing teacher Harry Crews. Those influences give a darkness and lushness to this story. I especially admire how minutely the details are drawn.

I love the way Ferrigno paints a chilling post-apocalyptic America, with schisms of a splintered society gone amok. The Rap Sheet has an interview here with Robert talking about the genesis of his alternative future trilogy.

The opening chapter
takes us through the now flooded New Orleans, with scavengers and pirates.

Last year I told you about Prayers for the Assassin, and this is truly a worthy follow-up. That post did attract a troll, but other book reports have been dealt harsher reactions. Mark Steyn at the National Review is facing a legal hearing in Vancouver BC and Robert responds here. Robert will once again be dropping by the comments on Saturday, say hi to him!

Sins of the Assassin and Robert's earlier works are available at Jackson Street Books and fine Independent Bookstores everywhere! Contact us before Tuesday and we can get you a personalized copy!

For those of you keeping track, book report #53 means that it has been one entire year with no discernable help from democommie™™™™®©.

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