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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Embracing Our Corporate Stasi

Conservatism's First Article of Faith states:

Inasmuch as the profit motive is the most basic, most efficient, and most noble of all the conditions that combine to form the human character, we believe that the corporation is far better suited than government to meeting the needs of the People.

We've seen the truth of this born out many times from the swift response of FEMA contractors to the compassionate service provided by the pharmaceutical industry and the efficient health care management of this nation's insurers. But no private endeavor for the public good has been as gratifying to true patriots than the wiretapping of our citizenry by the telecoms.

They were there when our Our Leader needed them most, willing to shred the Bill of Rights in return for a tidy profit and the promise of even more lucrative contracts in the future. And how do we repay them (aside from the millions in dividends our treasury showered upon their stock holders)? Tragically, we do that by hemming and hawing over whether we'll give them immunity from being sued--heck some senators like Chris Dodd and congressmen like Jay Inslee even outright oppose it.

Congress goes back into session today. That means the FISA extension bill, with its courageous lets-give-the-telecoms-a-pass-for-trashing-the-Bill-of-Rights provision still intact, could come up for a vote again, any time. We have to be ready to call our senators and congresspeople when it does and tell them that we demand that they allow the corporations to violate our Constitutional rights without fear of being brought to justice.

We must act. The stakes are far too high. Do we want AT&T to undergo the same fate as Blackwater, who's operatives now have to take a split second to think before they slaughter random people in the streets. I think not.

Firedoglake and the ACLU always have the latest on FISA action.

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