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Monday, February 04, 2008

We Report What We Decide

A lot of people would think it's big news when California's First Lady, the very political wife of the Republican Governor, endorses a Democratic candidate for the presidency. But that's why we say screw the people, they don't know jack from news. As we can see from this screen cap of Fox News' Politics page, Maria Shriver's endorsement of Barak Obama is not worth a mention. They have more important things to cover like Laura Bush's radio address and Arlen Specters' demand to receive more information about the destroyed CIA torture NFL tapes.

Click to enlarge:

Another Republican weighs in for Obama in this RedState comment:
I don't think Obama would make a good President and I think he would beat either republican left, but I still hope he gets the dem nomination. At the very least, MAYBE he will manage to turn the liberal base away from hating America. Hillary certainly wouldn't do that. His policies are crap, but his rhetoric is refreshing from a dem candidate.

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