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Monday, April 28, 2008

How to spot an islamunistoterroristofascist

I've spent a lot of time recently wondering how to spot an islamunistoterroristofascist. Sure some are easy to spot. They're brown and have names like Ali, Jabal, and Juan, but what if there are others who look like us.

Take my neighbor across the street, Steve, for instance. I've always suspected he's an islamunistoterroristofascist. Why else would he stand out there washing his car in a speedo of he wasn't trying to undermine the neighborhood's moral fabric by entrancing us with the evil magic of his manly bulge?

Well, Martin Amis, provides us with a few islamunistoterroristofascist "tells" in his new book, "The Second Plane:"

Islamists "habitually" jump red lights, so as "to show contempt for the law of the land (and contempt for reason)."

There you have it. If they're willing to ignore the rule of law and pee all over reason by running red lights, I'm sure there is nothing stopping their from violating a community's standard of decency by parading around with their manparts shrinkwrapped on a handful of spandex.

A helmet tip to reader Shawn.

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