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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to convince people you aren't a racist

I think Gravelandart does a great job defending himself against my inner Frenchman's implied charge of racism (Note: I edited my inner Frenchman's response because his grammar was atrocious):
Gravelandart (2 days ago)
The person who made this video is an idiot. The implication of this video is that any white person that defends themself against the incredible amount of black on white crime is a racist. This is the same message that we get from the Jewish TV all the time. Same old stuff.........same old anti-white dogma and brainwashing. Diversity is not working folks.......don't blame that on the klan...look in the mirror and ask yourself why YOU support multiracialism when it clearly doesn't work.

patriotboy1 (1 day ago)
Gravelandart, can you send me your email address? I want to make fun of you on my blog. Send it to my gmail address, gen.jc.christian (you should be able to figure out the rest...hmmm...maybe not...hopefully, you can find an African-American or a Jew to help you.)

Gravelandart (11 hours ago) SNo, I can't. To supplement your smug anti-white dogma with allowing you to lambaste me on your blog so you can prove to your respectable pseudo conservative friends that YOU are a real Republican while people like me are ignorant racists. You know, you can tell them how clever you are because you think Ken Hamblin, Alan Keyes and Thomas Sowell are intelligent negroes who are going to win the Repubs more votes. Keep playing the Jewish game con-boy. You exist in a make believe debating society....

Here's the video to which Gravelandart is responding.

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