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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where are they now: Jason Werner

The last time we heard from Jason Werner, he was locked in a primary battle to win the chance to defeat the "communist Hon. Dennis J. Kucinich." His prospects looked bright at the time. Not only had he won the endorsement of his mother, his grandmother, and his grand father (who had served in the Navy), he also secured the backing of his great uncle Keith in Albany.

Then disaster struck. Radical homosexuals seized control of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County and stole the nomination away from Werner.

That was the beginning of a hellish spiral that ended this week with an arrest by the Cleveland police:
Two Cleveland policemen arrested Jason Werner (me) Saturday night at the corner of West 6th and West St. Clair for preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.

The general manager of Blue Point told me and my friend, Doug Long, that the guests in his restaurant were complaining that they could hear us "yelling and screaming through the windows," and the the police were on their way.


I was then told I was resisting arrest and pushed against the back of the police car. The handcuffs were tightened for the crime I committed. This criminal, Jason Werner (me), was told to his face by one of the officers, "I am more religious than you."
But all is not lost. Jason is making many friends in Cleveland political circles:
Councilman Zack Reed, whom I’ve rebuked many times for partying down there has even thanked me for preaching and rebuking him. One time, in another part of town, I preached to Councilman Martin Sweeney during and after a basketball game. (He scored seven points while I only scored six points, but he constantly fouled me, plus he weighs 110 pounds more than me and is nearly a foot taller than me, which is why I am open for a fair rematch at Jefferson Park on his home court.) Anyway, after the game, I saw him and said publicly and loudly with nearly 50 people surrounding us, "Marty, you need to study your King James Bible and live for Jesus; and you need to support the lives of babies in your position." He publicly agreed that he needs to read his Bible more often and thanked me for saying what I said.

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