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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Department of Book Reports: House Rules

We're finally moved.

Dano got the *Indie Next Pick for House Rules, Mike Lawson's latest DeMarco and Emma thriller. We're both pretty chuffed about it as we both love this series and it's pretty cool for Jackson Street Book's brick-n-mortar swansong. And, Mike is just about one of the nicest guys, ever.
House Rules: A Joe DeMarco Thriller
by Mike Lawson (Atlantic Monthly Press)
“Mike Lawson's fine new Joe DeMarco thriller -- set against the Washington, D.C., political backdrop -- tackles what seems to be a new set of terrorist attacks in the U.S. The novel works on several levels -- including vivid characters and fine and complex plotting -- and Lawson addresses how fear is used to manipulate national politics.”
—Dan Domike, Jackson Street Books, Seattle, WA

Grab any of Mike Lawson's books, you can jump in anywhere. Emma is one of the most intriguing characters since Carol O'Connel's Mallory.

Mike's books are available at fine Independent Bookstores everywhere!

democommie™™™™™©®ç åü finally has something positive to contribute to the book report. On his flight to Colorado, he was seated next to Jim Sheeler, author of Final Salute. "We had quite a long and interesting conversation and without reading his book I will take his word that it is not political in nature, but merely a view of what it's like to lose loved ones in such a way."

*Indie Bound is the new incarnation of Booksense. We got new posters and a tee shirt that says "Here's the Part Where I save the Day" and of course, the support of the American Bookseller's Association behind us. We've been watching TV at our temporary lodgings, and I thought it very interesting that the Best Western Hotel chain is actually running commercials to assure America of its Indie roots. I think I can safely state that Booksellers are a bit more Indie than that.

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