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Monday, July 14, 2008

The greatest of sins

The Confederate Yankee on PZ Myers' comments about abusing a cracker:
A university employee—an associate biology professor, if that matters— has gone out of his way to publicly pronounce his intention to desecrate a core religious symbol of a well-established religion, and promises to post pictures of that desecration to a personal web site.


My own response to Mr. Myers would be that while he does have the freedom of speech, he is not free from responsibility for his speech. He has the right to say what he wants (with all the usual caveats), but others also have the right to express their opinions in response, including calling for his firing.

The Confederate Yankee on torture:

Elsewhere: Miss Poppy (quoting Norman Cohn) reminds us how the Church did it in the old days:
Between the years of 1243 and 1761 thousands of Jews were tortured and executed for the crime of host desecration. Most were burned, many were mutilated. In 1370 almost every Belgian Jew was massacred, man, woman and child, for the crime of host nailing.

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