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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Torturing the non-compliant

Last Saturday morning, patrolman from Ozark Police Department found 16 year old Mace Hutchinson lying below an I-65 overpass screaming in pain. It was the kind of scene a cop dreads, a kid, possibly injured, lying prone in the street--there was no telling what kind of violence he might wreak.

The officers reacted accoeding to theor training; they commanded the potential juvie perp to stand. He responded with an act that in today's America--an America in which we are locked in a life and death battle with the forces of Islamunistofacism--is tantamount to treason. You see, young Mace did not comply with an order given my an authority figure.

So the officers tased him.

He did not comply.

Then, they tased him again.

He did not comply.

So they tased him again, and again, and again.

After the nineteenth tasing, the officers concluded that there may be a reason for his non-compliance. Perhaps, he had cleverly removed his nervous system, or worse yet, he was an improvised explosive device disguised to look like a teenager. One suspects they may have argued about whether to beat him with their batons or blow him up, but in the end, they sent him to a hospital to be treated for the broken spine he received after his fall from the overpass.

Now, it's the defeatists and bleeding hearts who are screaming. They don't understand that in today's war-time America, an act of non-compliance is an act of treason. Summary judgement and torture are not only allowed, but required when one fails to obey a command.

Maybe we should tase the complainers.

Elsewhere: A summary judgement and execution.

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