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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Department of Book Reports: Scripting Your World

We here at the Book Report have always striven to actually read the book before we tell you about it. Not so, this time! I've channelled this Book Report for you from Second Life©.
~BookemJackson Streeter

Our Second Life buddy Vex Streeter (he's actually a cousin we didn't know we had until we went on SL!) is a co-author of Scripting Your World: The Official Guide to Second Life© Scripting (Wiley, $39.99)

Just looking at the table of contents tells me there'll be a lot of information here for me. Wiley has a great reputation for technical books and we're proud of Vex for getting his book published by them.

Vex has sent me two chapters and even with my rudimentary building skills, I've found a couple projects I think I can handle. The chapters present complex information, and then recap it in a variety of examples and definitions. The book's website goes live on the 15th, and there will be lots of extra goodies and unpublished chapters there.

This isn't a book for SL beginners, but if you've started monkeying around with objects you'll soon be wanting to own it. I think the folks who are skilled builders will appreciate it for providing valuable reference in a single volume. I can't wait to see what Shinigami will do with this!

démocommié™™™™™©®ç åü courant was unable to contribute to this BookReport as he finally figured out how to post on the blog he set up last year. Do bookmark Polrant to keep up with his gibbering.

Your local Fine Independent Bookstore will be able to get you a copy on the 15th. Jackson Street Books yearns for the day we can sell you books once again. Stay tuned.

If you're still thinking about trying Second Life©, email me, and I'll help you get started!

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