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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mr. Roger's responds

Yesterday, I wrote Jay Rogers, the Executive Director of The Forerunner International Ministries about his call to the faithful in which he asked them to petition our Lord to smite John McCain, should he become president. It's part of his plant to put Sarah Palin, Our Lady of the Holy Christian Jihad, on her rightful throne. Here's a portion of his response (I posted the complete email at my inner Frenchman's place):

All I was trying to say in my blog is that she's next in line, so we might as well pray for John to repent and get it right OR (I wrote "AND" stupidly) that he dies quickly.


I don't think that's outrageous.

Many (conservatives in general) seeing Sarah and John standing together have thought the same thought...

Here's our new campaign slogan:

"Sarah -- one heartbeat away from the presidency!"

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