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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sarah Palin Clarifies Response to Stevens Conviction

Please welcome Gov. Palin back to Jesus' General --The General.

Earlier, when asked about Sen. Ted Stevens's corruption conviction, I responded that the Senator should "do the right thing." Some of you are wondering what I meant by that. Communists are even going so far as to say the statement meant nothing and wasn't very mavericky.

Darn it! They're wrong! My statement was mavericky as all heck. I'm sure you'll agree after I explain what I meant.

By asking Sen. Stevens to "do the right thing," I was inviting him to join me and my spiritual warfare advisor, Mary Glazier, in a prayer assault against the Obama-supporting witches who put free furniture in his house and made his remodeling payments disappear.

And while we're at it, Ted, Mary, and I will also ask God to punish the Obama witches who caused poor young Levi's man juice to shoot out his little goalie, through his jeans and onto Bristol's shoes where it crawled up her leg to her sacred place and did a little nasty dancing with her ovum-American.

We'll ask God to curse all them Obamunists with blindness and cancer like he cursed that Alaskan Corrections Division witch we prayer assaulted. Or better yet, give them all hemorrhoids in their secret parts like He did to the people of Ashdod, Gath, and Ekron. That'd teach them.

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