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Monday, December 29, 2008

Never saw it coming

He owned:
- Four shotguns.
- Two handguns.
- Three unidentified firearms.
- A military-style hummer.

Bruce Pardo was just a regular Second-Amendment-loving guy.

He was also a devoted Catholic.

It's no wonder people are surprised that such a nice guy would dress up as Santa, go to a Christmas Eve party, and shoot nine children and adults including his ex-wife and in-laws.

He's being condemned in the press, but, now, Mens Movement activists are touting his story as another example of the sad, sorry plight of the white Christian male.

SonofMichael (Who, not surprisingly, links to a mail-order bride site):
The woman was so greedy that she tried to steal this guys house, money and DOG !!! No way would I let someone take my dog. This is what happens when laws take advantage and abuse men; sooner or later men are going to fight back. 
Milhouse Gregor:
According to the Catholic Church, divorce is a mortal sin, resulting in immediate excommunication, and during the times of church rule, punishable by death except under extreme circumstances.

So instead of focusing on what Bruce Pardo did, we should be asking why the US government didn't beat him to it. This woman was rewarded for divorcing her husband. Yes. In this country, in the United States of America, you may now receive cash compensation for filing for divorce. This is commonly referred to as "alimony payments". Now, if they called it "Reward For Getting Divorced" people would probably not be as accepting of it. But that's what it is.

But woman's eyes were bigger than her stomach, and now she is left with neither. Her body will rot to ashes in the ground and will be consumed by maggots. Mr. Pardo just helped to accelerate the process, and give her an attractive aroma which is pleasing to insect life. After all, we need to be considerate of the insects.

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