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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Streamed

Netroots Nation in Second life is doing the kind of fundraiser we can all get behind. Not only will your donation give you the satisfaction of supporting a great progressive organization, you'll also get a liberal load of fantastic music in return.

Our own Rev. Paperboy of Fez records put the album together, and I'm very excited about the artists he recruited to perform. It's an eclectic list of some of the most frequent visitors to my own personal iPod "Favorites" play list. From the folk genius of Scott and Michelle Daiziel, the must-dance-now latin jazz imperative of Los Gatos, the rockin' pulse of Spoon Spatular's guitar, Zathras Afarensis's plush and expansive vocals, to The Black Tie Martini Club's and Billy-Bob Neck's knock-out-your-teeth-funny satirical comedy, this album has a little, and a whole hell of a lot, of everything.

But don't just take my word for it. Hear it yourself for the next 24 or so hours on my internet radio station, Radio Wellstone.

Then, go out and buy it at Amazon.

Rev. Paperboy has more on the artists.

Liner notes and playlist for The Revolution Will Be Steamed:
As the famous anarchist "Red" Emma Goldman may or may not have said: "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution"

There are few things more popular in Second Life than music and dancing. After all, in a virtual universe, we are all young and fit and we can all dance like the genetically cross-bred children of Martha Graham, Fred Astaire, Alvin Ailey, Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson and Gypsy Rose Lee. But while we dance, we talk, and as often as not, we talk politics.

And you can't dance without music, whether it's the hot salsa of Los Gatos, the sunny folk-funk of Richard Maynard-Langedijk, the brooding, country-flavored power-pop of Calliope's Radio or even the off-beat satirical stylings of Billy Bob Neck -- it's all here.

The proceeds from this album will go to aid Netroots Nation in Second Life in its efforts to support progressive politics through online activism, networking, advocacy and work on behalf of progressives running for elected office. We are grateful to the artists for the donation of the their inspiration, creativity and hard work. And to you, the listener for contributing to this worthy cause.

Special thanks to all the artists who contributed, Gen. J.C. Christian, Jillan McMillan, Jane2 McMahon, Rocky Torok, Michele Migrish, Jackson Street Books, and all the regulars at Cafe Wellstone, the Lonely Yak and the Red Zeppelin.

Check out the website.

The Revolution Will Be Streamed

1. So Glad - Richard Maynard-Langedijk
2. My Strange Love - Brian Lillie and the Squirrel Mountain Orchestra
3. Super Evil - Spoon Spatula
4. Arianara - Los Gatos
5. Hank Paulson's Blues - The Black Tie Martini Club
6. Gimme a Job - the Extras
7. Jesus: The Anti-Rap - Billy Bob Neck
8. Endless Night - Richard Ainslie
9. Zumbro Valley - Zathras Afarensis
10. One More (Land of Beginning Again) - Katherine King Segal & Charlie Brown
11. Watcha Gonna Do? - Golgotha
12. Rachel's Song - Scott & Michelle Daiziel
13. Samba Do Sueno - Pete Siers & Los Gatos
14. Darker, Longer - Calliope's Radio

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