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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank You

Thanks to all of you good men and not-men who cast your vote for this blog in the Weblog Awards voting. The polls are now closed and it appears that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Hypatia Christ, has triumphed over the two of the francosphere's most unrepentant purveyors of godless facts, Sino-Bear and the Chien M├ędecin. Sure, they're great writers and incisive commentators, but we have something more here. We have the Great and Mighty Spatula of Terrible Retribution. And that my friends, is what put us over the top.

These results are unofficial until Thursday, and with a slim 30 vote lead, everything could change if they find those votes SeattleDan stuffed down his pants.

Thanks again. Seriously.

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