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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Horror


  1. I'm seeing the meme of "There are going to be riots and violent revolution because of Obama. Let's buy guns and ammo" all over the right-wing blogosphere. I caught a clip of Glenn Beck on an econoblog I read where he was interviewing four guests about the "Bubba factor" of guys who will hole up in their houses to shoot the federal agents who come to opress them. This is appearing on Fox, on basic cable available to hundreds of millions of people, not on some scratchy short-wave pirate radio broadcast from the mountains of Idaho.

    And speaking as a true GCCCR patriot, I heartily approve! What could be more all-American than picking up a gun and killing your fellow Americans?!? Think back to the stirring speeches of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and those other presidents enshrined on Mt. Rushmore, saying how good it is to riot and kill your countrymen. At least, them that needs killin'.

    And it's only fair turnabout. Remember how the insurrectionist Left was calling for the violent overthrow of bestPresident Bush's government when he started the Two Gloriousneverending Wars against Islamoswarthism? Remember how CNN, the Communist Nabob Network, put on all those interview shows with Chomsky and Zinn and Moore saying it was the duty of all leftists to shoot anyone whose SUV had a "W" bumper sticker? Remember the looting and burning from those Lefty "peace" marches that nobody paid any attention to anyway? Payback time, Demobiotches!

    But I'd like to get back to what the video was about -- the evil of unions. Because I enjoy writing about grotesque medical things, let me relate that to evilunions.

    I had a patient recently who was a truckie ("truck driver" in infantalised Aussie slang.) Bloke had driven his rig under a bridge which was too low for the load he carried. When it slammed into the bridge, his truck rolled and his face got all smashed and he broke his right shoulder and fractured all sorts of ribs in multiple places, which punctured holes in his right lung. He had a wide-bore tube in his flank draining reddish-yellow ooze, an IV drip of Fentanyl (synthetic heroin)... Quite the sight!

    He had what's called a "flail chest," where his ribs were so shattered that they don't move in conjunction with his lungs as he breathed. So when he inhaled, part of his ribcage would go up like normal, but there was this big section that would go DOWN!, and vice versa when he exhaled. It was SO cool, at least if you're a medical person who likes that sort of thing.

    But getting back to unions, I was talking to this bloke about how he'd fare if he lived long enough to walk out of the hospital. Aside from the extreme pain he had with the slightest movement, he was the typical "No worries" Australian.

    Not only was he free from fear about medical bills because of the scandalous socialised medical system here that pays for all his care, but he's not even worried about losing his job! He's in the trucker's union, so he expects the union to come to bat for him if his company makes trouble for him driving a too-tall load under a too-small bridge.

    How sick is that? This guy is in his mid-40s, so he should know better. He made a mistake, and his career should be ruined, and he should probably have to pay for the truck from his meagre future wages as a rubbish collector. But nooooo, some union is going to get him off the hook. Where's the conservative justice in that?!?

    Unions -- fah! It's Armageddon time, baybee. At least it is in the USA! USA! USA!

  2. The really scary part about Unions is how they mutate all who come under their spell, taking low-income employees with few rights and then changing them into a vested interest group with some clout, full of asinine ideas like "forty hour work week" and "health insurance" and "grievance arbitration." But you already knew that.

    The face of Conservatism is now one of a draft-dodging, oxycontin addicted, viagra popping blowhard, who "carries the water" for the billionaire class and their fellow Southern Repressocrats. May they take steam baths in their own feces forever.


  3. The Unions also gave us the "weekend". Damn them!

  4. Yeah, right on CEO brothers in the GCCCR! Aside from the 40-hour week, medical insurance, pensions, work safety standards, the end of child labor, the creation of a blue-collar middle class, sexual harrassment laws, an end to racial and religious discrimination in employment and statutory holidays ---what have the unions ever done for us!

    "Weekends" - ha!

  5. Yo Gen,
    Don't forget those ungrateful black-faced guys always bitchin' bout their safety or sompin' in the coal mines. What the fuck is up with them anyways?

  6. General, Sir:

    After 7-1/2 years I woke from the long nightmare of union membership. While in the union I was insulated from the real world and expected, nay, demanded that I be treated with the same sort of "equality"--whatever the fuck that is--as my fellow workers and the exalted management class. Fortunately I came under the mentorship of a manager who recognized my unspoken yearningness to be free and helped me to end that nightmare or well-paid employment with health and retirement benefits. If the union had not been weakened by the heoric efforts of St. Ronnie the Miscommunicator, B41, Slick Willie and Bush the Destroyer it would have never been possible. Too this day I think of her with gratitude. No, really, every time I think of her I say to myself. "Thank you, you fucking cunt. I hope you, too, get the opportunity to experience a serious health challenge with no insurance. Rapture ready, baby, I'm rapture ready! for JESUS!!"


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