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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Political Correctness raises it's ugly head

John Aravosis, a man whom I suspect may not be fully committed to the heterosexual lifestyle, posted a flyer from the Delaware Dept. of Transportation that I think takes this whole socialistic diversity thing a bit too far. Here are a few excerpts:

"Comments you never want to make to a coworker"

"Never call a coworker a 'fag' or a 'homo.'"

"The 'N' Word
You may have heard comedians or African Americans use the word "nigger" casually. It is never acceptable to use it in any context."

"You people
Let's just say you are asking for trouble when you use this reference."

"Should we order fried chicken or watermelon for you?"

"You must be the new IT person." [Asian Coworker]

"Can you recommend a good Chinese restaurant?"

"Can you recommend a good Mexican restaurant?"

"Can you help me out with my landscaping?" [Hispanic/Latino co-worker]

"It is never acceptable to refer to a Hispanic/Latino co-worker as a 'spic,' 'wetback,' or 'hotfooter.'"

They offer a few for white people too, and it's here where they finally list something really offensive, "white trailer trash," but they missed the worst one of all, "teabagger."


  1. Tbagrrrs are people too. Angry people but people nonetheless.

  2. I always thought "white trailer trash" was a bit redundant. Almost all two word combination's of the phrase work nicely. Just sayin'..

  3. Yeah, but "white trailer" doesn't have the same punch.

  4. Hence the "almost"...


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