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Friday, May 01, 2009

Presenting ¡PRESENTE! (And Happy May Day!)

LONG TIME NO SEE, my friends. It's been a while since I've posted here at The General's, but I'm happy to be back here to day to wish you a Happy May Day, a Happy International Worker's Day, and I am going to use this opportunity on this most auspicious of days to call out to any Latin@ or Hispanic or otherwise interested readers and point them toward a post announcing a new organization that aims to unite the voice of Latinas/os in the US in order to better leverage political power toward our causes and communities. So that means (you guessed it) a swine in every pot!

Okay, I couldn't resist that joke here at JC's joint. Forgive me. Anyway, here's the deal:


OVER AND OVER we hear about The Hispanic Vote™ and The Latino/a Vote® and it is a real thing we are talking about in all of this. Our people—nuestra gente—have long been a force in this land, be it under the golden sun harvesting the corn that has for thousands of years fed our antepasados (ancestors) or away from the sun and working hard in US places of business or doing so much to build strong familias together, as las mujeres—the women—among us are known for historically. We are a beautiful and long enduring people, and responsible for so much creation here that sustains us today: Art, Literature, Food, Clothing, Song.

And yet, our voices have yet to be utilized and enjoined in a way that can efficiently organize around the issues that affect our communities. Don't mistake what I say: the Latina/o (or "Hispanic") community is famous for its ability to organize on the local level, and we are proud of this. And that is why it is time to continue to tie this ability and history together and bring it to an even higher level.

Read the rest at The Unapologetic Mexican or visit And sign up if you are interested.

Again, happy Worker's Right's Day! Here's hoping we are moving closer every day to protecting the rights of all those in our society carrying a load that helps us all at the same time being neglected, exploited, or vilified. I think and feel we are, and about time.




  1. Unamex:

    I have missed you here, my friend. I think I will celebrate Cinco de Mayo by not drinking fake mexican beer. There is a passable mexican restaurant (I think the nice people who run it may be Guatemalan) so maybe I will go there and have some lunch and look at their usually cheerful faces.

  2. Como te sientes, hombre?

    Good to see you are shining brightly like the Aztec sun...

    Felice Viernes!



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