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Monday, June 01, 2009

Bill O'Reilly: God's Destroying Angel

Why would anyone expect that someone you call a "murderer" would to be treated any more gently than an intruder in an NRA Life Member's home? Surely, Bill wasn't just engaging in inflammatory rhetoric to raise his ratings.

Elsewhere: This "Cheneymom" thinks Tiller got what he deserved.


  1. Again, civil action to crush this pinhead seems the best course. I think keeping this murderous cretin in court with a team of expensive lawyers is the surest way to stop him. They(dickhead above, with Beck, Mailkin and other insane con artists) think that baiting psychotic assassins until the please their masters is OK. They think they are clever. Attaching all their accounts, selling churches at sheriff sales, putting that fat slug Limbaugh out on the street is code too. Code for justice.

  2. Dear Gin'rul, Sir

    Respekfully, I was hoping you'd have had some words of encouragement to that paragon of Xian manliness and virtue, Bill O'Reilly.

    Clearly, Bible Bill (what they call him at his Church) was only trying to save the lives of the good Xian pre-borns, and to prevent those godless, amoral women from slaughtering their babies from mere convenience. This was his patriotic duty, since the USofA needs more and more wretched, depressed, poverty-driven children to join our glorious legions to pursue and defeat the infidel Musselmen there in the uncharted reaches of Central Asia.

    I must say, Gen'rul, as a mighty manly admirer of you and all your works, I was surprised and disappointed at your callous disregard for the work Mr. Bill has tried to do for Our Lord.


    Maj. Breakdown

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  4. I can't edit with this comment system, so I had to trash your post Demo. You know I do not tolerate the slurs of the oppressor here.

  5. General, Sir:

    I miss Haloscan.

  6. If Jesus wants to be associated with people on the religious right and O'Reilly then I don't want to be associated with Jesus. Aren't babies not innocent and born with original sin anyway according to the big JC? Plus, Jesus can't agree with torture and the death penalty, he got both himself. You are all on the side of Caeser and Pilate and you don't even realize it. There is no God. There is no Devil. There is no Jesus. Your imagination is infantile and your PayPal donate button is funny.

  7. How did an on line bible study ad land here of all places. I thought it must be somekind of funny, but when I went there it appeared for real on line bible nuttiness. What am I missing how does that happen or ads just random or is a real attempt to corral some of the most needy?

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