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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Google Patriotism

It's come to my attention that there are libislamunistofascists who fail to appreciate my Google ads for people like Our Adam's Appled Lady of the Most Holy Shriek, Ann Coulter. And while my inner-Frenchman, secretly giggles like a Toulouse schoolgirl at the thought that she might be paying him for clicks from people who would never buy her wares, he realizes how offensive such ads might be to people who possess intelligence, taste, and consciences.

We have no control over what ads Google places, but once they are placed, we can remove them if we know the url to which they are directed (I think). So please click on any offending ad you'd like me to remove and send me the url (I may not see the ad--I haven't seen Coulter's yet.)

Thank you. I appreciate and value you all. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that people like what I do. I don't tell you how grateful I am for you all, near enough. Thanks again.

Update: Got it. That should take care of a bunch of them.

hmmmm. still there. Maybe it takes awhile. I'll keep working on it.

Now scroll down and read Austin's traitorous post, and then after that, go see the Jivester's moving commentary about a woman named Neda.


  1. General, thanks for that explanation, I had wondered out loud about that, not that you're responding to my comment. It is always refreshing to be noticed, especially when not by being asked to leave.

    I think you're worth a fortune, and if you make money off the likes of her and the clicks, well just consider me a dedicated clicker. The idea of costing that bitch money could keep me compulsively clicking all day, or at least the biggest part of it... so I'm cool with it, just didn't know what to make of it. I'm new (to blogs) so I'll defer to older heads and of course your own sensibilities.

  2. I'd miss not seeing her sweet smiling face.

  3. I love ya man. Now where's that spatula?

  4. It would have been a great way to have a fund drive for the General...

  5. An ad is not an endorsement, until one removes an ad, which then is an endorsement of all ads not removed.

  6. Well, I don't know about that, oilfieldguy. If that were true then deleting a comment would be an endorsement of all comments not deleted and I'm quite sure that wouldn't be true because my comments haven't been deleted, at least here and I'm quite sure that all my comments aren't endorsed by anybody including myself after I see them. Does that make sense?


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