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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christianist and Islamist Militias Form Alliance

[I never dreamed I'd invite the leader of a fanatic Islamist militia to post here, but, as he explained to me, we believe pretty much in the same things. Read what Col. Nassar has to say, and I think you'll agree -- Gen. JC Christian, patriot]

Thank you, General for letting me post on your blog. As you will learn from reading the letters below, I'm experiencing a great deal of success reaching out to Teabagger-Americans like yourself.

I sent this letter to the Christian Militia Network Information. They replied with a short but very supportive email (see below). I think we've formed our first alliance.
Christian Militia Network Information

Dear Commander,

We share many things in common. There is more that binds us than separates us. As People of the Book, we worship the same one true God. We deplore the practice of abortion, the immodesty of the modern woman, the celebration of immorality in our popular culture, the acceptance of homosexuality, and the secularization of our society.

And like you, we have organized into a militia to stand against the forces of secular socialism that are poised to take control of our great nation. But it is very difficult for us. The jack-booted thugs in the federal government profile us because of our faith in Allah and the swarthiness of our skin. It will be very hard for us to operate once the revolution comes. That's why we are asking for your help. An alliance with you will help us fly under the radar and will give us the support of such great and powerful patriots as Michele Bachmann and Bill Posey.

Please give it your consideration.

Alluah Akbar,

Col. Walid Nassar
Dearborn Militia
Here is their response:
From: Christian Militia Network Information
To: "Col. Walid, Dearborn Militia"
Subject: Re: Please consider an alliance with us

Amen brother!


  1. Damn! That put my native Arabic to the wall!!


    Now... if nobody minds... I will go shine my helmet. Such an alliance deserves "special" attention.

  2. I'm disappointed in the Christian Militias response, seems like they could do with more than just an, "Amen brother," hopefully they'll follow up with more, that's a marriage made in heaven.

  3. One lot wears sheets, one lot wears those flowing white desert robes... They're brothers under the cloth!

  4. General, Sir:

    Is Allah's servant, Walid Nassar, any relation to Sheik Djerbootie"


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