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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When will we free ourselves from this tyranny of reason

Another day, another attack upon me by the forces of sciencislamunistofascism:
Hurd states the obvious when he says this book “would have disappeared as another self-published creationist screed had not Pat Buchanan puffed it on WingNutDaily.” He is referring to American Conservative Pat Buchanan’s review Making a Monkey out of Darwin. This is the only positive review I could find of Windchy’s book – although an Amazon Review by Gen. JC Christian, Patriot has been heavily promoted on the internet. This character seems to be a member of the Christian Militia Network. He wouldn’t give the book 5 stars “because it could have been so much more if he’d gone that extra step and exposed the evolutionists for the purveyors of sexual perversion they are.” With friends like that …
Someone needs to send fact tyrants like this guy to Liberty Patriot Freedom Republic University for a little bit of faith-based learnin'. Their new climate change denial course sounds like the bee's non-evolved knees:
Week 1 Introduction -- An overview of the global warming conspiracy with vigorous classroom discussion of why facts and science have an unfair liberal bias (All six pages in text booklet), and a careful review of the NASA Global Temperature Record with correct interpretations written by our crack science faculty (Attached graph). The class will then pray the demons out of James Hansen's soul
Check out the rest of the course syllabus here.

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