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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ain't no real Teabagger-American

This guy ain't no real Teabagger-American. He's obviously been exposed to too much book learnin', and dammit, real Teabagger-Americans swallow.

Tip of the ol' helmet to Pam.

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  1. General, Sir, a true teabagger does swallow. I didn't see/hear him swallow once. If he's a "true, fuckin' Americun", I really need to move. I can't believe that I sat and watched that entire video. Is he sitting in a lawn chair in front of his kitchen stove?

  2. Technoslave:

    No. He's sitting in a lawn chair in front of his mom's kitchen stove. When she comes from her town meeting and wants to cook up a batch of meth she will be pissed at him for three different things.

    1.) Being out of the cellar (or, if they're in a doublewide, his "spider hole" out in the yard.

    b.) Having the top of her stove all crapped up so that she'll have to move a bunchashit to "git 'er done"


    4.) For dippin' HER snuff.

  3. This can't be genuine. Anyone that stupid and drunk couldn't possibly operate a computer.

    This is (choose one or more):
    a) a brilliant piece of method acting
    b) leftover footage from a psychological study on inbreeding
    c) the result of building a trailer park over a methane gas leak
    d) a SNL audition tape gone wrong
    e) the reason you are emigrating to Canada

  4. Now why did I watch this?


We'll try dumping haloscan and see how it works.