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Friday, October 02, 2009

Glen Beck Sacrifices Eye Comfort to Save America

How our greatest American generates all those tears.

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  1. No, no, no! It’s not Vick’s … it’s snakeoil.

  2. I tried oiling a snake once, I didn't get much, and the snake didn't like it.

  3. As a self respecting AA member I go on a dry drunk every time this charlatan mentions his AA attendance. I can guarantee you that he never even made it past step 1. I would give any thing to be his sponsor and take charge of his amends list. Oh boy, that would be too much fun.

  4. Beack was clearly forced at gunpoint by his Indonesian Islamic Communist Democrat captors to pretend to be pretending to fake cry as a shameless and despicable demagoguery tactic.

  5. I have long admired Glen Beckkk's handsome visage. And how do you make such a noble man look even handsommier? Make him pucker up and blubber! Is he good-looking, or what?!? I want a poster of that!

    On the bright side, I have now learned a good trick for when Mrs. Bukko and I argue and I need to appear contrite, as if I MEAN it when I say "I'm sorry."

    "Wait a minute honey, while I slip into the bathroom" and then I emerge with a face sodden by Beckkktears. I'll just have to be mindful of standing downwind of her so she can't whiff the Vick's.

  6. What is the point of these pictures? Is he TRYING to look like a moron?


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