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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Department of Book Reports: Carl Sagan Edition

Seattle Tammy and I are relaxing this week for the holidays with good company, fine liquor, and many great things to eat. We have also been watching Cosmos with Carl Sagan on the new-fangled Youtubes. What a great show it was, too. We thought we would share the following segment where Sagan talks of books and libraries. His thirst for and his delight in knowledge is clearly evident and contagious. We need more people like him.
We are thankful for good readers and good friends. May you find wonderful books in the coming year.
Edit update from Danton: Carl Sagan autotuned:

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  1. Dan ’n Tammy … while I generally prefer videos to books, because books have a lot of words and junk, the problem with “Cosmos” is, Carl Sagan also uses a lot of words. Really complicated words about science and junk. Is “Spongebob” on?

  2. I've had a geek fetish my whole life-- I used to masturbate to pictures of Spock and Stephen J Gould.

    OOOOHHH! Darwin! OOHHHHH! Panda's Thumb! OHHHH!

    I'd forgotten how hot Carl Sagan was, too. He's one good-looking geek.

    Sorry, but I doubt I could do Stephen Hawking, even without the drool. Well... maybe with the lights off. I'd have to think about it.

    Numm nummy.

  3. Sagan made Science accessible for his audience: participatory, anticipatory, user-friendly, alive. Let's not leave Prometheus on the rock, he seemed to say, let's all journey past the borders of our possibilities!

    Ironic that the creativity of mythology has been given the death sentence of being "sacred and unalterable" by the monotheists--they have chained the ineffable to the cold and abandoned promontory, insisting that its corpse is god. How would we react to another fire-bringer? With pitchforks or open minds or...?


  4. @ Portuguese Cunt: Carl Sagan, Spock, Hawking and Stephen Jay Gould never quite moved me that way, but old tintypes of Marie Curie certainly made me all aglow.

  5. I kept watching that video, all the way through, waiting for some kung fu fightin' and shit. Boy, was I embarassed when I found out that it was about Carl SAGAN. I thought it was about Carl Segall, Steve's younger brother. I have egg all over my face!

  6. Mr. Democommie, save that egg -- there are literally BILLIONS of unborn chicken cells in it.


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