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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Family at C Street and Other Adventures

I'm finally finally home after four days in DCistan. It's 1:09 AM and I have to work in the morning, so I'll put up a few photos, tell a few short tales, and fill you in on the rest when my sanity finally catches its connection at O'Hare.

On Saturday, OfJoshusa and I dragged a hippy chick to a gathering of Teabagger-Americans. As you can see by looking at this photo, there must have been at least 17.3 million very passionate protesters in attendence.

As is often the case, OfJoshua was wearing her peace earrings in an effort to subvert my god-given masculine authority. Fortunately, the nice Christian lady holding the "tar & feather" sign gave her a shove when she spied her ear-treason. (I was also in a scuffle. Police were summoned to arrest your general, but the cop let me go after whispering that the gathering was a "group of assholes.")

Here, Rep. Jean "I'll get you my pretty" Schmidt gives me that "come hither" look as at least two Congressmen behind her achieve climax.

This one always makes me smile.

On Sunday, we payed our respects to The Family's house on C Street.

Dave_in_SA discovered the secret of the Family's porch pumpkin: "Think that means 'when the pumpkins rockin' don't come knockin.'"

Dave may be onto something. Wanting to pray with Sen. Ensign, I pressed the intercom button, but no one answered.

I peeked into one of the side windows and found the urn where they keep Jesus' foreskin.

Here's the back. Looks like there's plenty of room to unload a truckload of goats.

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  1. General, Sir:

    Is that scarf that Mean Jean is wearing the one she stole from Harry Potter's corpse after she strangled him with it?

    I know that there were huge throngs of people, er, "assholes" (sorry, Officer) at the festivities but did you, by some chance, have a meetup with Mr. Edward Brayton, the Libertarian cur that runs that "Dispatches From The Culture Wars" blog? He got HIS picture taken with Missy Bachman, did you?

    Sir, Mr. mjs, Sir (who filled in so ably in your absence) was saying that you were being spatualized in Seattle. I hope you were able to at least get an "outcall" at the airport men's room, Sir.

  2. We did indeed meet up with that lucky man later that evening (post-triumph), but not at the rally; I was simply green with envy at his good fortune.

  3. Welcome home, General! I enjoyed the milk curd you left for me in the basement (so much, so much!). It really does taste like victory! Note: I may have pretended to be you at a tavern in Bremerton. At least I think it was me pretending to be you. It was kind of dark in the cell.

    p.s. did you bring back any of that Mean Jean Jerky I have heard so much about?


  4. It was great to see you again, General! I mean that in a completely manly and Ultra-Christian sort of way, of course. :o)

  5. I echo Dr. Z ... it was great seeing you again, and thanks for the Tea-bagger update! Sounds like their typical event!

    Hope to see you again next year!


  6. General, Sir:
    17.3 million easy. Anybody can see that. I can't believe Sen. Ensign would not pray with you. The man bears the mark of the beast. BTW, Sir, I think at least three (3) of the congressman were achieving climax at the moment the picture was taken. Or two were and one was farting. Hard to tell from a still like that. Good to have you back home. I'll sleep better tonight knowing the Mason Jars are safe and in good hands.

  7. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    That Mean Jean is ALL jerky. When I look at Carrie Prejean I think "JESUS own cheesecake"; when I look at MJ, I think, "Rawhide".

  8. I saw that 'pumpkin' on the front stoop. Frankly, I was rather shocked to see such a blatantly Satanic item at the home of supposedly 'Godly' men. After all, what is a pumpkin but a pre-born Jack-o-Lantern?

  9. Hey Alicia, it was great trudging around with you.

  10. Ensign evicted from C Street?



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