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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Ignorance is Strength!

After reading the responses to my Amazon review of Sarah Palin's book, it struck me that we, her supporters, are going to be very influential in 2012. What we lack in intelligence is more than made up for by the incredible power of our ignorance.

I've reposting a few examples, below. Take a look at them, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that ignorance is our greatest strength.
Michael T. Barrow says:
This is Not a truly favorable review. The person that posted this and Amazon (who represents this as a good example of a favorable review) are both being dishonest. C'mon, Really? She wants to "go all mavericky on your non-white, non-Christian and non-heterosexual butts" with a spatula?

Bobbie Wright says:
The book was based on journals she kept all her life! No lies in this book. Maybe one day she will publish her journals so you can see for yourself. You people just drive sane people crazy!

Sparrow says:
I knew liberal filth like you were evil, but man didn't know the depth of your deprivity. Why do you freaks think you're so intelligent? Your evil puppet Obama needs a TelePrompTer to convay his lame commie rhetoric to the liberal teletubbies
who hinge on his every evil words. Tisk tisk, Sarah Palin scares you left wing monsters.

tooold says:
So JC Where you ever in hand to hand combat. Your just a rubberband

Kandisue says:
You mean as opposed to obama voting muslims, pedophiles, baby killers, sodomites, pornographers, and 20,000,000 Africans and Hispanics half of which (10,000,000) did not pass high school...You mean a black muslim demon crat without a birth certificate?

Eric J. Reinhold says:
Even having only seen Russia out her back door, her international experience in just presentation (which is what it's all about) would be superior.

Sparrow says:
you're an ugly, geeky, pseudointellectual trolling the lol amazon website you loser!! Go congregate at Starbucks with the rest of your academic quacks and mind masturbate each other, while you sponge off society!! Liberalism is a mental disorder!!

Judy says:
This person gives many stars to get you to read the review and then fills the wording with sarcasm for the book. Very deceptive but what else would we expect from a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Julie Lambertino says:
I agree noliatb. I love Glen Beck....but to call him "our Lord and Savior"?????

J. C. Gorman says:
Wow! In what century do you live? Conservative is a political view of the world and how to govern. What you describe is some liberal fantasy dreamed up by over educated bozos who have never ventured West of the Hudson River. It is an excuse to NEVER consider any ideas not pounded into your head during your "higher education" days.

Ed says:
Are you stupid, like an idiot?

Richard Beach says:
Happy Days are Here Again, comrade! Liberals are in power and the Great Democratic Depression II is underway and there is no end in sight to the "fun". The anti-profit, anti-growth, anti-wealth crowd is in the driver's seat and we're along for the ride. Pass me a joint - let's get high! We are the smart-and-funny cool people (think Jon Stewart and Bill Maher). We got rich on capitalism but we're gonna tear it all down because it's a "white man's" economic theory - it has to be wrong. Big Government will give us everything for free - economic scarcity is a myth! Everything is a "right." Let the government run everything.

Jenny Myerson says:
It's funny, you have 5-Stars to this book and the Carrie Prejean book. I think you're just horny!

Richard Beach says:
Educate yourself: study the Omnibus Tax Bill of 1990 (passed by Democrats, signed by Bush Sr.) and see how "taxing the rich" caused misery for the "common man". (Short answer: The rich stopped buying yachts and the yacht companies laid off thousands of employees.)

J. Henderson says:
Mr Christian, you are an embarrassment if you were ever in the military, and you are no patriot.

Pamela H. Springston says:
You are going to hell in a handbasket because you refuse to see what is right in front of you. Our nation is going to fall just like the Roman empire if we do not turn back to One nation under God! Read your bible folks, its all there for you to see! All this politically corect bull isjust that and that is why you are headed to hell in a handbasket.

Justice Samuel Alito asks:
Suppose a city, to attract more students at spring break, decides to create a huge beach in front of privately-owned homes and have televised beach parties.
Oh wait, that last one was a question Justice Alito asked in a hearing at the Supreme Court today. Never mind.

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  1. Can you fit "Ugly, geeky, pseudointellectual troll" on a business card?

  2. I thought I heard the Alito quote earlier tonight on National Liberal Radio.

    Your critics, sir, seem to have issues with spelling. I hope I can sell them a dictionary or two, over this fine Holiday Season (No war on Christmas on this site). Or send them to a remedial English class.

  3. General Sir!

    You are so right about the strength of the ignorance, but Sir, most of these commenters seem to harbor just a touch of hostility. Isn't it the Left (oh, it pains me to even type that word) that is "angry"? Does this mean that these folks are Leftists?

  4. General, Sir:

    Is Batshit KKKrazee the "new black"?

  5. General, sir, you certainly seem to have hit a pinched nerve with these Christian conservative Palin-lovers. They must have spent long hours reading this site before it dawned on them that, like Stephen Colbert, you are absolutely serious. (And I'll bet some still think you were merely being frivolously humorous in your review.)

    That scares them more than reading Jonathan Swift since they thought eating Irish infants was a pretty damn good idea -- why, they're almost as tasty as the kids of liberal monsters, but, to be fair and balanced, these demented Demo children are only consumed after their birth certificate-less black muslim demon crat Obama-worshipping parents have been transported to Hades by way of that heavily-laden handbasket. (They are good Christians, after all.) A shame that 'we the people' drive sane people so crazy. (And Bobbie 'Wright' no doubt faithfully cashes her Social Seurity check every month too.) Maybe we should just move to Europe (if they'll have us) and let the real Americans gun each other down in pious spite.

  6. General, sir:

    If insanity were gold, the Reichwingnuts could buy the moon. Fifty times over.


  7. And here I thought your review of Palin's book was spot on, did I miss something????

  8. Genrul Ser,

    Strenth throo egnorense!
    Damn liburl book readers.

  9. Okay, this is my new favorite insult: “Are you stupid, like an idiot?”

    From now on, I will use it every damn day: What, are you stupid? Like an idiot?

    The possibilities are endless.

  10. Dave von Ebers:

    Isn't that line something like one that Peter Lorre used in the scene with Sidney Greenstreet in the "Maltese Falcon"?

    Ah, hell, I went and found it. It's not that close, but I like it anyway.

    "“You, it’s you who bungled it, you and your stupid attempt to buy it, you, you imbecile, you bloated idiot, you stupid fathead, you.”"

  11. "Are you stupid, like an idiot?"
    "No! I'm one of the other types of stupid".

  12. Your review seemed respectful of futurePresidentress Palin, and Glenn Beck too. If anything, you were too critical of her, by sggesting that ANYTHING might be changed with her golden, oil-dripping words.

    I don't understand why some of these commenters criticized your review. They thought it was somehow liberal? Were they seeing some of that stuff called "irony" of which I have heard? As a true conservative, I have no sense of this, just like as a straight, fully hetrosexual male, I have no sense of teh ghey. Who can comprehend these strange characteristics, irony and sodomitery?

    As a faith-filled conservative, I know that words have meaning. They are what they are, and if they're in print, we must accept them as Truth. Words would not be allowed in print if they were false, just like the Holy Bible.

    I sometimes struggle to justify what some might say are outrageous falsehoods and complete contradictions in the Scriptures. But I realize that I am but a simple human being who doesn't understand everything. It might be The Bible; it might be other things in life. We cannot know all.

    That's why I don't get fussed when people say to me "What's the matter? Are you dim? How could you do THAT, you freaking idiot? Jayzus Christ, you speak pretty good English for whatever backwards country you must have come from! Hey, who didn't go to the washroom and took a shit where this guy's brains should be, eh?"

    That kinda talk doesn't get to me. The only thing is, I wonder about the Canadians who say that to me. I thought they were supposed to be so polite. But like I said, we can't understand EVERYTHING...

  13. [Quoting] Jenny Myerson says:
    "It's funny, you have 5-Stars to this book and the Carrie Prejean book. I think you're just horny!"

    Uh, she may have a point there, sir. Ms. Prejean's funbags do resemble overripe melons more than a bit . . . just sayin'

  14. I just read the review. Great work!!!

  15. All I want to know is, who is that sweet potato with hair? He's hot - like someone took a propane torch to his face.

    I love him.

  16. Bukko, was that the immigration people? Normally anyone who deals with foreigners gets 'the training' where they learn to limit criticism to eye-rolling. Some need re-training. Sorry.

  17. No, those "la migra, eh?" people were nice, JoeViz. As a migrant labourer, I am good at having my papers in order for the border. Even when we had to motor down to Blaine, WA to do some "flag-poling" a fortnight ago.

    (Mrs. Bukko wanted to get a work permit attached to her visa -- silly woman, not preferring the life of leisure she had in Aussiestan -- but technically, new immigrants can only receive these when they enter MapleLeafLand. And we had been in-country for a week. We had to do a figurative loop around the flagpole. We parked our car at the Canuck border post, walked past the cameras and radiation detectors and machine gun posts that protect the USA! USA! USA! and got her passport stamped by a black-shirted, pistol-packing Guardian of Freedom to prove she was just coming across the line. Then we ambled back to the combination Tim Horton's/bus terminal where the bilingual Canookocrats issue permits. They were nice about it, except for making us sing "Oh Canada" three times. I sang off-key to piss 'em off.)

    No, the invective-incident to which I refer involved blood and sutures and IV poles crashing into people, but it doesn't bear going into details. Nobody died or anything. At least not by the end of my shift.

  18. Joe Visionary:

    I think you have just contributed to the delinquency of me. You've given me another block to sully, and I will do so with glee. I notice that the Rev. Paperboy is already over there.

  19. Eric: The Ruskies would kill to see Sarah's back door; from anywhere. That is the entire appeal. Do fries come with that shake?

  20. Alicia, I think that's Beavis of "Beavis and Butt-Head" come to life.

  21. Bukko! You've been outed.

    Drat! I always knew this day would come. Fortunately, Mrs. Bukko took a quick trip down to visit some friends in San Francisco (a town where they know something about outing) so she might never see this. My secret may be safe, despite your worst efforts.


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