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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rand Paul's spokesman keeps the faith

Rand "son of Ron" Paul's spokesman, Chris Hightower is a true blue Paulite. From his MySpace page:

He also goes to malls wearing Klan gear. More here.

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  1. This is really shitty.

  2. Can we finally dispense with the notion that Ron Paul is anything other than a batshit crazy racist fuck who just happened to know that the war in Iraq was an inherently stupid endeavor (like, fucking duh, already). I mean, I know this is a few degrees of separation, given that this particular douche-nozzle worked for the son, not the Paultard-in-chief (oh, let me fucking guess, Rand Paul was named for Ayn Rand, right; Jesus fucking Christ) … but really, there was a boatload of evidence that Ron Paul was just a Republican LaRouchie, a racist, anti-Semitic punk who was right about exactly one fucking thing his entire career – that being the idiocy of George W. Bush’s clusterfuck in Iraq – yet for some reason, a fair number of apparently deranged lefties loved the racist ass-bag. That the chief Paultard’s son hires an equally odious racist fuck is just icing on the racist ass-bag cake, is all.

  3. You know, why do conservatives love Ayn Rand so much? Don't they know she was rabidly pro-choice? And I mean RABIDLY Pro-Choice. I have a whole bunch of her bat-shit crazy pamphlets. I bought them from a collector. Crazy shit, folks.

  4. that was posted by somebody else.. this seems like a smear campaign since they can't find any dirt on Rand Paul himself.. stick to the issues.

  5. It's not a smear campaign-- I saw Chris Hightower's video with my own eyes. Maybe he didn't realize that YouTube was a public forum.

    What a dumbass!

  6. Oh yeah, a smear campaign. He was framed. "somebody" else did this, and left it there for a couple of years as RPaul logged in and out of his own profile never noticing the frame job. Okayyyyyy.

    Sticking to the issues: The racism IS the issue.

  7. luke@12:39:


    "a fair number of apparently deranged lefties loved the racist ass-bag."

    Think: = my posse.

    Dave von Ebers:

    Yes, it's hard to believe that anybody with a genuing fucking brain would fall for either Paul's bullshit. But, then again, how else to explain the Imapalinator's popularity; other than reichwing racist batshit krazee. Palin/Paul 2012. USA! USA!! USA!!!

  8. Clearly the nut doesn't fall far from the... uh, other nuts I guess.

  9. mmm. I love nuts.

    Especially chestnuts, teabagged over an open fire.

  10. @ Portuguese Cunt: Ayn Rand definitely wouldn't be a good fit with today's GOP -- I read that she was an atheist and ridiculed pious godly twits at every turn.

    But, then again, Tom Paine was also a disbeliever and a liberal and Glenn Beck has been flogging him as if he was some kind of teabagging Christopublican who would be in complete agreement with a halfwit Mormon Fox News nutcase like Beck, were he alive these days.

    Oop -- seems we're back to nuts again.


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