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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fighting for the God-given right to lynch

Pastor Gary Randall fights for Christians' right to lynch:

In a blog post today, Randall attempts to make Christians (a massive numerical majority in the United States) appear to be the objects of intolerance because Miss USA contestant Lauren Ashley is being criticized for championing a biblical verse that says that gays deserve death.

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  1. The god of the christians was crucified so that his followers could justify their blood lust by mining the semitic bible for the worst kind of violent homophobia. I'm pretty sure if god is that big of an asshole we are all gloriously fucked.


  2. Wow, after reading mjs's comment, I had a horrifying thought. Suppose Our Lord and Savoury Jeebus was actually crucifixed because the righteous Pharisees thought he was afflicted with teh ghey? Never married, went frolicking around with even more guys than you'd find on a football side, always depicted wearing something that resembles a dress instead of carpenter's overalls... I'm wondering if mebbe He got what was coming to Him.

    If Jeebus was alive today, good Christians like Lauren Asslay would want to lynch him. Or at least keep him away from our kids. All of a sudden, that "Suffer the little children to come to me" stuff seems rilly creepy...

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  4. This is why women don't get any respect. One dumb bitch gets quoted and ruins it for the rest of us.


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