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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mr спецназ, say hello to my little friend.

Statistics are funny things. The gungrabislamunistofascists will tell you that concealed carry gun permit holders have killed nine cops and 142 ordinary citizens since May 2007, but they don't tell you the stories behind those shootings.

How many of those supposed cops were actually Soviet sleeper-cell Spetsnaz commandos on missions to turn us all communist by fluoridating our water? Can we trust witnesses to distinguish between police and commie special forces uniforms? And what if the witnesses were Comintern disinformation agents tasked with undermining our faith in guns?

Same goes for the so-called "ordinary civilians." How do we know they weren't criminals or wolves or bears. It's very possible that what we're actually seeing is patriotic gun enthusiasts exercising their god-given right to shoot a perp.

The un-gunned cite these statistics hoping to make it harder for us to get a conceal carry permit. Jumping over the hurdle of "being able to breath" isn't enough for them; they want us to demonstrate some level of sobriety and sanity as well. They know such high standards are unacheivable for most Second Amendment right advocates, and that's their point--they don't want us to "bag us a perp."

Our forefathers didn't require any standards for obtaining a conceal carry permit. Heck, they didn't even require a permit. Joe Patriot just stuffed a couple of muskets under his trousers and shirt and that was that. Sure it made it hard to ride a horse or even to walk normally, but, by God, he was ready when a perp tried to break the law by buying something on the Sabbath. Well, kind of ready--I'm sure it took awhile to pull the musket out from under his clothes. But once the musket was free and he bagged his perp, he had all the freedom of movement he needed to mount his trophy.

That's the kind of America I want to bring back.

A helmet tip to jazgar.

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  1. General, Sir:

    I popped on that Jazgar linkyloo and it's a twitterofascist site.

    'sides he looks a little swarthofascist his ownself.

    Gunz, GOD and Grizzly smokeless is the only 3G network I'll be needin'!!

  2. Sorry, that was the wrong link.

    This is the right one

  3. What could be more American than the gun rights lifestyle in all those Mexican cities just across the border? The Teabaggopatriots oughta be ashamed that Meskins! -- Meskins, I tell you -- have kilt more politicians than they have even threatened to kill. So far, at least.

  4. Nine fewer cops sounds like progress.


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