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Monday, March 22, 2010

Those Wal-Mart family values

Better to face cancer sober so you can feel the pain with which God blessed you than to let the smoke of demon reefer pass through your lips.

From Brother Turley:

Walmart worker Joseph Casias, 29, can take heart from the fact that the company is highly “sympathetic” to his struggle with an inoperable brain tumor. The sympathy, however, did not prevent the company from firing him because he used legal medical marijuana to deal with the pain of the tumor.

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  1. Was the guy stoned at work or just getting high in his spare time?

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

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  3. Look, if you suffer horribly in this life, it will make Heaven seem SO much better. And if you're going to Hell anyway, you might as well get a head start on an eternity of torment, eh sinner?

    But seriously, I did not have to take a drug test for either of the jobs I had in Australia or Canuckrainina. What's wrong with these un-American people? If the Land of Freedom makes you periodically piss in a cup, and you have to fear all the time that you'll get fired and lose your health care, that's gotta be a good thing, right? It's why there's no drug problems in the U.S., as opposed to Oz and Beaverland, with their terrible dope epidemics...

  4. Let us not forget the purpose of these drug tests. Think of the screams of outrage on every cable news channel, were some hapless Wal-Mart customer to be injured by a falling can of improperly faced Bush's Bakes Beans, placed on that shelf in a dangerous fashion by an employee under the influence of marijuana!

    Thank God fascism is here to protect us. When that pesky Constitution prevents the police from ordering random drug tests on the population, our good friends in corporate America are always there to take up the slack.

  5. I am waiting for the time when any American who applies for a job has to pay for THEIR OWN drug testing as part of the employment screening procedure. When there are six applicants for every job opening, and hundreds of resumes for every decent job, this will serve to winnow out the people who aren't serious.

    "You want this job, buddy? You willing to pay $50 for a piss test before we even LOOK at you? You willing to come to the boss's house on weekends and edge his sidewalk?"

    Oh, wait -- that last part won't be coming until a little bit later in the Greatest Depression... But wait for the former -- soon it will be widespread practice for Americans to PAY to apply for work. You heard it here first.

  6. Let me get this 'straight' (bad pun intended). This poor guy could be loaded to the gills on Oxycotin (Hi Rush! You have another friend over here) 24/7 as a legal prescription med that Oncologists do write for cancer treatment and the pollyanna's over there wouldn't care, but give this guy a single toke of the evil weed cannabis and he is as dangerous as the Taliban all of a sudden? Seems most these folk don't understand what happens to stoners when they get high.

  7. Kindness,
    Like dinosaurs, Oxycontin is in & sanctioned in the bible. Marijuana, with it's foreign looking name, isn't. Therefore, it is evil.

    Ipso Facto, the man gets sacked.

  8. Like dinosaurs, Oxycontin is in & sanctioned in the bible. Marijuana, with it's foreign looking name, isn't. Therefore, it is evil.

    Merrywanna not mentioned in teh Holey Bibble, BC? What part of Genesis 1:11-12 do you not understand?!? Perhaps teh Gen'l needs to add a new feature titled "Ask a Rastafarian" (since "Ask a Liberal" doesn't seem to be too active these days, like the rest of Air America Radio...

    And if I may speak as a licenced medical bum-wiping professional, Oxycontin is not necessarily a bad thing. Except when Rush takes 40 of them a day.

    I have handed out lots of these little beauties -- they're only about the size of a BB you'd shoot out of a kid's gun -- and they don't turn people into raving maniacs. (Although their cousin MS Contin sometimes does, but that's morphine for ya!) I've seen it do good things for plenty of people with cancer, chronic pain from wimmen's stuff like fibromyalgia, bigtime surgery on multiple broken bones from car smashes, etc.

    It allows them to have a semblance of normal life without always getting on the call light to ask me when they can have their next pain tablet. How am I supposed to read blogs if patients keep expecting me to WORK when I'm at work?

  9. Bukko, people already do house work for their bosses. Happens all the time.

  10. Bukko, people already do house work for their bosses. Happens all the time.

    Oh, so do I! Whenever the wife tells me to...


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