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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Character Counts!

Tammy Amble Linn
Chair, AZ Blue Ribbon Task Force for Character Education
CHARACTER COUNTS! National Leadership Council
Character Education Teacher, Yavapai County High School

Dear Mrs. Linn,

You vouched for Steve Blair's character when you endorsed his candidacy for Prescott City Council. Such an endorsement coming from you carries a great deal of weight because you're perceived to be an expert on character. Indeed, you've made character your profession. You're a character pro who forges character curricula at both the national and state level.

Now, Steve Blair is in trouble. Tolerance-worshipping egalitarianistas are after his head simply because he demanded that a black kid be removed from an elementary school mural.

They've been somewhat successful so far. The principal of the school publicly humiliated Blair by stopping the work begun to lighten the black kid's skin. And Blair was fired from his radio show for using it as a platform for his whites-only mural campaign.

Thankfully, he still holds that seat on the Prescott City Council he won after you endorsed his character. He says he's not going anywhere and that it's up to the people of Prescott to tell him when to go.

You've been silent on this issue, and that concerns me. As a character professional, I'd think you'd be standing up for Mr. Blair's right to segregate the city's murals. Lord knows, Sarah Palin, who we both fervently support, wouldn't sit idly by while the forces of equality besieged an ally. She'd be all over the media blaming the media for it.

It's time for you to demonstrate your own character by stepping up and voicing your support for Mr. Blair, his mural bleaching campaign, and the rights of proudly white portion of Prescott's citizenry.

Heterosexually yours in a chaste, biblically appropriate, and a characteristically proudly white kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot


  1. He should have a fundraiser to lighten the mural! Maybe an early 60s theme (not the later commie 60s crap) and have folks come out and desaturate the colored folks in the mural. Call it "Bleach-Bang-It-Bingo" and give out free DNA testing kits and such (white people love DNA!). Take it a step further and get the community to support narrowing the facial features of anyone depicted anywhere in the southwest (trim the bridges of the noses for a starter) and get the locals excited so they can make the brown man bulges less tribal in size, all for a good cause (I don't know what that cause is, but I know for a fact that it's there!). Get those brown man bulges down to the Nozona nodules they're famous for!

    Think of the ad campaigns: Small dicks, bleached faces, skin cancer: Visit Arizona! Come to think of it, nothing makes a man think his dick is small as much as the Grand Canyon. Well, that and...I've said too much.


  2. KKKonservatives must DEMAND that the face on mural produce its birth certificate or other proof that it's an American citizen! Otherwise, it will be chiseled off the wall and placed in an Arizona jail until it can be deported to Muralania or wherever the hell those things come from.

  3. General, Sir:

    Why is it that evertime a brave white, uptight, farright KKKristian like Herr Blair stands up to defend pictoequality for WHITES that the browncontrolled liebralfascist media tries to bully them into silence.

    I mean, if it wasn't for guys like Mr. Blair's great grand-daddy the state of Aryanzona would still be in the hands of those crimsofascist and Meztisacanofascists from Mexicommiestan. It took the brave WHITES to root out those lazy, grasping, murderous, unMerKKKin, heathen savages and make Aryanzona safe for demoKKKracy!

    That Tammy Amble Linn is pretty hot for a mom of 3 married 27 years (but what on earth was she up to for the first half of her marriage? NO kidaloos for 13 years? She ain't onethem homleyseckshuls what had to be "cured", is she?). Not as hot as the Ice Queen, Sarah The Impalinator, but hotter than Mean Jean the Antisex Machine Schmidt. KnoI'msayin? Them two photos of her that I seen, when I linksurfed as per your suggestimand, indicate to me that's she's got a $400/day botox habit, er, requirement. I bet her and Cindy McCain have some interesting conversations while they're in the waiting room.

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