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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


No post today. Just make up something and send to Minority Leader Boehner.


  1. Is this like.. an open podium? Can I rant like a crazed lunatic, then thank my audience?

    I'm sitting in a building within the outer sanctum of this G20 summit in Toronto, complete with 10' fences and tons-o-cops. Believe me, there's NO way I'll want to make even the mildest peep in my neighbourhood.

  2. I'm on it. Sent Saint Sarah Palin a request for her prayers to heal you!

  3. I'm sending Boner a request to nominate a McChrystal-Palin ticket to run in the 2012 preznittyal illiction, or even sooner, if he judges that a military-religious coup is needed to preserve democracy in America. I had such high hopes for Petraeus to be the new dictatoPresident, before he started fainting like a girl...


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