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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Whitest Man in America and the Sad, Sorry Plight of the White Man

On June 11, 2010, America's whitest man, Edgar Steele, was doing the same things he does every day--defending proudly-white confederate-Americans in court, applying sun block, honoring Hitler, applying more sun block, fending off Richard Cohen's attempts to take the crown of America's whitest man from him, applying even more sun block, and looking for another proudly-white confederate-American to launch his wife on a premature journey to Valhalla--when suddenly, agents of our Amish-controlled government seized him on the charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

Yes, not even Edgar Steele, America's whitest man, can catch a break. He's now simply another entry in the list of tales about the sad, sorry plight of the white man.


  1. First off, lemme say that Steele appears to have been rubbing the sunblock on too hard (or he has an allergic reaction to it) because he looks kinda red in that picture. Especially when you compare him to the pic of Richard Cohen in the old sermon you linked to. Now THAT'S a white man! (Even if he is Hebruslim.)

    I don't suppose it would be the same Richard Cohen mentioned in the news story about Mr. Steele's arrest:

    “We always thought that Edgar had a few screws loose,” said Richard Cohen, the president of SPLC and a lawyer who was part of the SPLC’s legal team in the case and came to know Steele.

    I guess it's enough to drive a man around the bend to have the most famous Steele in America be that not-white guy who heads the Republikkkan Party. Not Rush Limbaugh; I mean Michael Steele of the lesbondageclub fame. And before him it was a woman, Danielle Steele. What's a white man to do?

    I think the "Whitest" title should be settled in a steel-cage death match between Steele and Richard Cohen (the colommunist one, not the lawyer. Fuckin' lawyers are vicious). Sure, Steele's ornery and murderous, and Cohen looks a bit Jewimpy, but Steele's 64 years old, for Crissake! It would make a good match on PPV. I'd pay $9.95 to watch, or $19.95 if it was guaranteed that one of the men would not leave the cage alive.

  2. "It would make a good match on PPV. I'd pay $9.95 to watch, or $19.95 if it was guaranteed that one of the men would not leave the cage alive."

    Hell, I'd pay $50.00 if neither did! Consider it a public service.

  3. And Steele would pay ANYONE $25,000 if they'd get in that cage with his wife...

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