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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Nigerian Witch Hunters Push Darwinistofascist Lies

Atheism and the Child Witch Scam

Dear Mr. George,

In the past, I've supported Apostle Helen Ukpabio's sacred war against child witches, but I won't be silent when her followers peddle Darwinistofascist lies like this:

Let me advice [sic] you [Richard Bartholomew of Bartholomew's Notes on Religion], go get a Job[sic], you claim to be a University [sic] don – if this is so I wonder what the University [sic] thought when they gave you employment. You are a Slanderer [sic], a blackmailer, a very foolish Man [sic] and also a Monkey [sic], if you like you can reason like a human being or continue in your wickedness.

That's why I'm publicly challenging you to wrestle me in the ancient manner of the Spartans--that is naked and oiled--until one of us submits to the other. You sir, you filthy monger of the monkey-man lie, shall feel the vicious thrust of my great and terrible rod of throbbing creationist fury.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot


We'll try dumping haloscan and see how it works.