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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Problem with Feminism... that woman aren't spanked enough:

Even before the ink was dry on the right to vote amendment, feminists confused equality in the ballot box with *repealing the laws of biology*. Many women thought that if they were allowed to behave like men, they would become like men. That was not the case.

Despite human invention to the contrary, Genesis 3:16 is as true to day as when it was written.

Inevitably in discussions of *domestic discipline*, there is an attempt to avoid spanking. There simply must be some way to get around the physical submission of a woman to her husband. Radicals tried to outlaw it. Sophisticates claimed it was not necessary.

Divorce - usually initiated by women - was seen as preferable to discipline. With the invention of *no-fault* divorce, dissolution of marriage became even easier. For decades, one of the running jokes in the United States was that ... "the only thing necessary for divorce, was marriage"!
Now for something completely different. It's my birthday. Since I write my posts the evening before they publish, I may not write one for tomorrow. I'm doing family stuff tonight.

Wow, I just realized my World of Warcraft avatar is wearing a codpiece...and it's big, dammit!


  1. Happy Birthday, General!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sir! Treat yourself to a night on the town--Mr. Garcia will help with the dishes and give the Mrs. a relaxing massage to boot!

    It's been said that whereas Freud put a spigot on the unconscious Jung opened it up with a fire hydrant. Nowadays, conservative Christians put on hoods, stiletto heels and mesh undies and bitch about women. 'Twas ever thus.

  3. a giant happy b-day to you!

  4. General, Sir:

    Happy Birthday, Sir!! My avatar has a mackerelpiece--it's why I hate penguins.

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  8. I've been wrestling with this one for a long time.

    I finally made some headway when I realized that prior to the rise of civilization, the human sexual relationship had to have been very different.

    In the previous 200,000 years of evolution, there were little or no 'law and order' to try safeguard women to protect them from routinely being raped.

    Paradoxically, the woman's vagina didn't evolve to be tough as an old shoe to tolerate rape at all. Quite the opposite; rape can leave it shredded (there are hospitals in Africa that have come to specialize in vaginal reconstructive surgery after violent gang rapes).

    So how did women manage?

    Given the ever-present fear of rape, the woman pre-empted that possibility: she sought out her man. She watched the available men, presumably in the tribe, and latched onto what would have seemed to her to be a good-natured but strong man who would be gentle with her.

    It is by this mechanism that we came to be civilized, that we came to co-operate, to evolve a language, and eventually to live in embryonic societies.

    If these understandings are reasonable, then what we call sexually 'normal' today is not. The whole concept of chivalry, of female demureness, etc, should be as sexually perverted as is homosexuality. For that matter, homosexuality might very well be a symptom of the sexual perversion women have accepted since civilization.

    So what does this all mean? Should women continue to cower from men on the assumption that they're a hair's breadth away from being raped? Shouldn't they be permitted to enjoy the benefits of civilization the same way that law and order can safeguard everyone's safety?

  9. Certainly. However, with the powers that we've gain through civilization, came the attendant responsibilities: while it is possible for us to spend the whole day today at sedentary jobs, our bodies DEMAND at least two hours a day of physical activity, and we're probably supposed to work up a good hour-long sweat, say 3 times a week, otherwise we'll become susceptible to diabetes and hypertension as we age; we can eat nothing but sugars and fats, but we'll need to deal with the consequence of obesity; we can burn unearthed hydrocarbons and clear-cut massive forests, but we'll need to understand that we'll need to deal with the resultant greenhouse effect. Finally, women can treat men as if they were at their disposal and be enitely passive in the courtship process, but they'll have to deal with with the patriarchy, the misogyny, or the complete sexual disenfranchisement of homosexuality.

    There's a measure of self-discipline (kinda like what the Amish assume) that's required to balance the benefits of civilization. You can't just do what you want, regardless of what freedoms a society protects. Sorry.

    P.S. Happy Birthday, General!

  10. Happy Birthday, mon general! Apologies for that French word sneaking in there.

    You just relax, put a gladiator tape or two in the VCR, and enjoy your day, sir. We'll keep watch on the infidel hordes.

  11. Shorter Joe V : It's all wimmin's fault.

    Mon general,
    I pick up my keyboard after so long merely to wish you a happy birth anniversary. May you have many more, for without your constant vigilance, we are all doomed. Doomed, I say.
    I am maintaining my perpetual lookout on the extremely Southern front.
    Ever vigilant.
    Always obedient (no spanking necessary)
    Suezboo in SA

  12. Happy Birthday, Dear General !

    That article neglects to credit the arrival of the wimminfolk into the military, as being the clear and present antecedent to the movement:

    towards the Integration of the Homosexuals ! ( oh I am having trouble typing words like movement and homosexueals).

  13. General, sir! I concur completely! I'm so dedicated to this, that I go down to the docks to find desitute women who can barely afford skirts that cover their private bits, and offer to spank them, then donate to their allowances.

  14. ... oh sure, make fun ...

  15. Wow! What an awesome character!

  16. Happy Birthday, Sir!

  17. Happy Birthday, General, Sir. Looks like I need a new spatula.

  18. Hear hear! At least spanking wimmenz lovely bottemz isn't an international crime like having heterosexualist groupielations with an unleashed dingo is!

    And Gen'l, may you have as many birthdays as the Patriarch Mehalalel! (You wouldn't want to be as old as Methusaleh. It's not widely known, but he spent his last 235 years incontinent, having to be spoon-fed his falafel, shitting into sheepskins... Not a pretty patriarch.

  19. happy birthday, general, sir!

  20. happy birthday General, sir! you are sorely missed around the Red Zeppelin.


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