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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pass me the cheesehead

Elsewhere: Dave Von Ebers brings some Jello to the revolution. Great cover!


  1. Glennn Beckkk told me which side they're on! They're on the side of the government unions, which are rebelling against the government, which is always inefficient and evil, except when it's not. And we should overthrow the government, but only if it's US doing the overthrow-up, not THEM. Because THEY'RE a bunch of sociaterralists and they're going to impose a Caltrate on us like they already did on the country of U-rope. Zackly how they're going to make us all bow down to a big chalky mineral supplement I'm not sure, but it made a lot of sense when Glekkk was drawing those lines on the chalkboard. Jeezis, I hope he wasn't making those lines with a piece of Caltrate, cause that would mean they got to him, too. You bastards!

  2. Thanks, General! And I love some Pete Seeger, too!

  3. Good ones, both Dave and General. Folks also might want to check Mr. Bragg's There is Power in the Union, too, here:

  4. Seattle D - GOD I LOVE THAT SONG. That is all.

  5. General, Sir:

    I dreamed I saw Glen Bek last night; he was in a leather bar up near UWM with a guy who looked a lot like Republican Jesus. I'm not making any accusations I'm just connecting the dots.


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