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Friday, March 11, 2011

After a hellishlamunistfascist day.

The general has had a long, hard, stressful day bumming smokes, ranting in the coffee shop, bitching about the guvmint, yelling at brown people, randomly shooting at things, doing that thing he does with cucumbers, paying a man to paddle him for doing that thing with cucumbers, and talking about himself in the third person. He's going to bed.


  1. So just another average day, eh?

  2. Do you have to supply the paddle or does he bring his own to work?

  3. I thought a spatula was the preferred method, Plerf. I'd go for a big Rubbermaid one, slathered in mayonnaise for that "splatty" effect, except it's darn near impossible to clean up. Missed a few spots one time, and I had a helluva time explaining it to You-Know-Who. I wound up claiming I dropped the sub...

  4. General, Sir:

    I was over to the chow hall last night, prior to goin' over to "Feelin' Good Gents' Club" to referee the "Jell-O Chess" that was the entertainment last night. While I was there I had me a "Cob Salad". Then when I got to the club I was catchin' up on my e-mails and bloggin' and I read this part:

    "doing that thing he does with cucumbers..."

    and I threw up in mouth a litte bit.

  5. BC we must be careful that the mayo isn't mistaken for a nasty bit of santorum or the droppings from a taffy pull. Make sure also(a word to the wise) to make sure your spatula is latex free(does Rubbermaid go there?) since latex allergies can be a problem when hiring or dating on Craigslist.(NOT Larry).

  6. Plerf:

    I'm guessing that Larry Craig like the late, unlamented Rev. Aldridge's taste, runs more to neoprene (


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