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Monday, October 24, 2011

Being Negro is A Communist Act

From the libertariot American "Thinker:"
Organized Communism has long targeted black Americans, an ongoing effort which has survived the fall of the USSR. Kudos to Peter Wilson, who here at American Thinker highlighted the manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist Party, who are in their glory with the occupation of Wall Street by their Marxist brethren and the usual assortment of easily manipulated liberal/progressive dupes -- the dependable, university-trained foot soldiers who fill the streets.


Perhaps the most stunning element of the Revolutionary Communist Party's manifesto is the call for black Americans to unite into a separate, autonomous republic in the American South. Wilson cited the Revolutionary Communist Party's constitution, which called upon African-Americans to forge an autonomous region comprising "the southern part of the former imperialist United States of America." That decision would be made by a special vote in which only African-Americans would be eligible to participate.


Whether CPUSA or the Revolutionary Communist Party, they never go away. They merely lie in wait to exploit the next crisis, whether in the Jim Crow South or in the efforts of Barack Obama and the Wall Street mob to demonize "millionaires and billionaires."
There you have it. Put more concisely, the American "Thinker:" is saying: "From segregation to the Great One-Percent Ownership Society, communists have used unheartlandishly hued agitators to destroy our most cherished institutions."

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