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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lib Media Lightens White Shooter's Photo to Make Him Look Crackerish

Dan Riehl
Proudly White Patrioblogger
Riehl World View

Dear Mr. Riehl,

Although I enjoyed your post about how mediaislamunistofascists lightened Trayvon Martin's photo to make him appear less thuggish, I think you are mistaken.

We live in a time in which white Christian hetero males experience more discrimination than any other group in the nation. You know it's true. You watch Fox News and read everything published in the Breitbartosphere. Heck, you've even written about it.

The liberal media wouldn't manipulate a photo to make a person's skin appear darker in order to make him look "thuggish." No, they'd lighten his skin to make him look crackerish.

Take a look at the two photos of Landon Jorgensen and you'll see what I mean.

But why would the mediaislamunistofascists want to villainize Landon Jorgensen by making him look like a cracker? Well, the answer is obvious. He's a patriot.

Take a look at his Blogger profile:

My Blogs
Guns, Freedom, and Politics

About Me

Gender: Male
Location: Hurricane, Utah, United States
Introduction: I'm a regular guy in my own right. I love this country and I want to get it back to the way it was when our founding fathers were alive. I am a USMC veteran and was medically discharged for my back issues. When I was discharged I immediately got into being a firearms instructor. My passion is to teach people the correct way to use firearms so that they can be both safe and fun. My goal in life is to own a gun store with shooting range attached.
Interests: Guns, 4 wheeling, camping, hunting. Want to get some horses soon. Red necks, white trucks, and blue ribbon beer. That's American.
Favorite Music: country
Favorite Books: Glenn Beck's Arguing With Idiots
Mr. Jacobson worked as a tactical pistol firearms instructor at the Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park, which, according to its website, is "one of the premier cowboy action shooting venues in the region."

He was also a frequent contributer to

He was a real patriot and passionate defender of our right to bear arms.

Oh, and they say he murdered his girlfriend and her 5-year old daughter before he shot himself, but a gun rights warrior wouldn't do that. I bet it was a black guy. Don't you?

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot


From Patriot Jorgenson's blog:
While many of you may not agree with what the NRA does as a whole, many fail to understand the importance of what they have done for us. Since 1871 they have been the leaders in securing our Second Amendment freedoms.


Well, if you're not pro-gun then you are anti-gun! I've tried to explain to her several times that if it weren't for guns, this country would've never been freed from England's reign.
In another post we lean he's the only concealed carry instructor who uses powerpoint and holds classes at the local Harley dealer:
If you are in the southern Utah area and do not have your UT Concealed Firearm Permit, let me know and I will schedule you for an upcoming class. The team I teach with is the best one in the region. We are the only ones that have a powerpoint presentation, the only ones that take our students to the shooting range, and the only ones that do it at the Zion Harley Davidson!

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