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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Prophecy and the Miracle of the 50 Earrings

I'm a little disappointed with the Prophetess Jennifer Lynn Joy's prophecy for 2012. She relates no big miraclulous event like last year's Miracle of the Sacred and Holy Salt of Ice Melting.

Still, she spews a lot of great prophecy for 2012. She certainly predicts my reaction to the next earthquake:
Regarding the earth, I awaken often to the sound of the earth’s crust fracturing and hear the sound of my own voice screaming, “JESUS!”
And she has comforting words for those who will rebel against the establishment of the Republic of Gilead and the need for contraception camps.
The Government of YESHUA, our MESSIAH will begin arising in 2012 as never before, uniquely, unprecedented, surprising, supernaturally in a variety of forms and functions. (Isa. 9:6-7). Many will find HIS justice, with limited human perspective, to be unfair and unkind, whereas others will embrace the freedom that HIS Government will bring to the earth. HIS true followers will increase exponentially in 2012. The sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD will be positioned strategically for the new season. The friends of GOD will be trusted with greater responsibility and accountability.
Wait, I just found this year's miracle on another page:
The LORD asked me to bring 50 pairs of earrings, the night before, so I did. They were placed on the Communion Table as well as the “Linen Napkins”. Exactly 50 women were in attendance…the Holy Spirit still knows how to count. Two women left early without their earrings, so their earrings were given to others who gladly received a double portion blessing. I gave each woman a brief prophetic word regarding the earrings that she chose. It was an intentional gift for each woman to increase in her hearing of the Rhema word of the LORD, just as the Linen Napkin with a Scripture enclosed is an intentional gift about a divine exchange and receiving a written Word from HIM.

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