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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Unheartlandishlyhuedization of the Church

The feminization of the church has troubled patriots for years. Now, we're facing an even greater threat, the unheartlandishlyhuedization of our faith. James at the Thinking Housewife writes:
My local “ecumenical” church (which I do not attend) recently sent out a newsletter with a photo in the top left corner of two black children apparently swimming in a lake in Africa. The newsletter did not pertain to children, or Africa, in any way. It advertised a “healthy eating” seminar. Apparently they simply think that black children embody the apotheosis of Christian goodness, and therefore should decorate all their publications. The “what we believe” section of the Church website mentions “diverse” or “diversity” in almost every sentence.
God damned diversity is ruinin' everything.

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