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Friday, March 09, 2012

Queen Elizabeth is Key Player in Radical "Scary Negro" Ring

Dana Loesch
Lead Breitbart Hateling
Andrew Breitbart's Big Thingies

Dear Mrs. Loesch,

Congratulations on your HugGate scoop. I see it's making quite a splash. Hats off to you for continuing Mr. Breitbart's never ending quest to remind people that Barack Obama is a) a Negro and b) therefore very very very scary.

I have information that will help you take it to another level: photos that prove drug kingpin Queen Elizabeth II serves as a key courier in the Bell-Obama Ring of Subversively Radical and Very Very Very Scary Negroes (BOROSRAVVVSN).

The first photo, taken in a Washington, DC housing project in 1991, shows BOROSRAVVVSN operative Alice Frazier using the BOROSRAVVVSN materials transfer hug (BOROSRAVVVSN-MTH) to surreptitiously slip subversive material to the Queen. Close inspection reveals the material to be a DVD copy of "The Wiz," a radical revisionist documentary in which angry human, animal, robot, and straw Negroes viciously murder a property manager and her landlord sister.

The next photo, from a G-20 reception in 2009, shows Her Royal Highness using the BOROSRAVVVSN-MTH again to transfer the DVD (or "package" as we call it in unorganized intelligence militia circles) to Michelle (Code Name: Tanya) Obama.

Finally "Tanya" employs the BOROSRAVVVSN-MTH to deliver the package to Barack (codename: Cingue) Obama. It is believed he uses it to scare resistant freemasons into using their vast masonic networks to implement islamosocialism in the Heartland.

I trust I've been helpful. If so, please send me one of your official Big Race Baiter Pointed Poking Sticks.

Heterosexually yours in a Biblically appropriate and BOROSRAVVVSN hating kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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