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Friday, June 29, 2012

All You Bunnies is Miscegenated!

Thinking Housewife Laura Wood contemplates life, the universe, and everything and comes to this conclusion about board books for babies:
The books aggressively assert racial diversity, even to the point of depicting animals as black or white, and yet ironically it is white parents who are the most frequent borrowers. [The Heritage American blogger, Stephen] Hopewell writes:
[A]m I the only one who feels like I am being targeted or manipulated when I am presented with book after book with a black child on the cover, to take home and read to my white baby?
Patriot James P gets his two cents in:
There is a series that really annoys me — I’m blanking on the name because I always find a way to avoid reading the books when my son hands them to me at the library — in which the protagonist is an environmentally conscious Hispanic boy.

I refuse to read The Lorax because I detest its inane anti-Capitalist message.
Thinking Not-Housewife James N agrees and adds that working not-men are responsible for the sorry state of children's literature:
The avalanche of minority role models follows the “be happy when mommy goes to work” genre. There is not one decent board book or early reader with a father depicted positively published in the last 30 years. The Newberry medal was given in the 90s to a book where a child becomes disabled after his father runs him over because he’s late for a poker game.
Elsewhere: All you Soggy Bottom Boys is Miscegenated!

And for no reason other than my inner Frenchman wanted to share:

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